Program of Study


Master of Science (M.S.)
Technology for Education & Training (TET)

Courses in Major Field
Prefix/Number Title Grade Hours Institution
LT 711

Teaching & Learning in the Information Age

LT 716

Systematic Design of Instruction

LT 726 Technology in the Curriculum A 3 DSU
LT 741 Distance Learning Systems and Design A 2 DSU
TTD 553 Organizational Transition & Change Management A 2 USD
TTD 740 Advanced Internet/Telecommunications A 1 USD
TTD 745 Advanced Development of Multimedia Presentations A 1 USD
TTD765 Advanced Web Page Development A 1 USD
TTD 789 Internship   1 USD
EDER 761 Graduate Research Methods A 3 USD

K-12 Track

LT 712 Principles of Learning for Instruction A 3 USD
TTL 501 Technology for Teaching & Learning Academy A 3 BHSU

Total Program Hours



GEN 600 Teaching Competitive Analysis & Stewardship B 2 BHSU
TTD 865 Management of Web Sites A 1 USD
TTL 502 Appraisal Design for Impact of Technology on Student Learning A 1 BHSU
TTL 503 Reporting Assessment Results on Integration of Technology A 2 BHSU

Total Hours in Degree

  • The 36-hour Master's degree program in TET is designed to prepare leaders who will:
    • model the use of instructional technology for learning in school and non-school settings
    • use technology-based tools for systematically gaining access to electronic information resources
    • develop technological skills to use hardware and contemporary software packages
    • be aware of learning theory and effective learning models that relate to the use of technology in the training of work groups and for the education of K-12 students.
    • promote educational change and development through use of distance learning and other emerging technologies
    • assess and analyze the uses of technology in all types of instruction
    • design and develop multimedia learning systems, and
    • be cognizant of trends and issues in the use of technology for instructional and training purposes

Learning is an on-going process (perpetual) that has many beginnings but no end!


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